Teal Pool Service
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Weekly pool/spa maintenance 
We offer  weekly packages to help insure that your pool stays in top working order. Or if you need a one time service we can help with that aswell. See our weekly packages page.

Openings and Closing
Openings:Take the worry out of the cold beginnings of the season let a pro open your pool and do the dirty work for you, we check all pool systems for leaks and other problems that may hinder the performance of your pool system, as well as making sure your pool is free of all debris and ready to use for the season. Opening can be a 1 or 2 step process depending on the pool. 

Closings: Due to harsh, freezing winters here in the midwest it is very important to close and cover your pool properly. Let us help you make sure that it's done right. We will blow out and plug all your pool water lines, drain some water from pool if needed, and make sure your equipment is drained properly to prevent any freeze ups from occuring. Closing your pool properly will save you from major headaches that can cost alot of money. Freezing can damage your pump, heater, filter, skimmers and any pvc piping that contains water by expanding within. If your not sure have a pro do it.
From a simple delivery, too finding out why your pool is cloudy and green. TPS is here for you and can help maintain your chemical balance to make sure your pool water stays clear for the season. We have all chemicals available for your pool from chlorine and bromine too algicide and clarifiers. We also offer alternative sanitizers such as salt generators and UV sanitizer systems which can save you money on chemicals. Call or e-mail for more info on alternative sanitizers.
Vinyl Liners
Liners are easy to clean have many different designs and can make an old pool look new. They are also fragile over time and eventually need to be replaced. Proper ph and chlorine levels can help to assure a longer liner life. High chlorine and acidic levels can make a liner brittle. Small hole/holes in the liner can raise your water bill and adding fresh water can interfere with the chemical balance in your pool. An inch-a-day leak in an average pool wastes about 100,000 gallons of water per year. Your TPS technician can find a leak and patch it to get a few more years out of the current liner. If there are too many holes, large rips or you just want a new liner. We have custom liners to fit any size pool and many design combos to choose from. 
Automatic Covers
Automatic retractable covers are great for saving money on chemical and heating costs and also protect your pool from debris and protect un-manned pools from being used. Nothing is worse when your cover stops working properly, either you cant swim or you worry because now your pool is open and you wont be home. At TPS we know the importance of your cover and the need for it to work properly. Our trained professionals can get your cover up and running again. We can repair old covers, ropes, and all mechanical parts. If the work is beyond repair we can install a new cover and parts to make sure everything is in working order.
Sand, cartridge, and DE filters. All filters are made to catch unwanted debris from re-entering your pool such as hair, dead skin, algae, water mold, calcium deposits and other foreign materials that can cloud your water. Over time your filter will clog with these materials and need to be rinsed. Sand and DE filters can be "backwashed"  where as cartridge filters need to be takin apart and power washed and sometimes soaked in chemicals. Whatever kind of filter you have no worries we do them all. Sand changes, DE changes and will clean your cartridge filter/s for you.
The right size pump can be the difference between a clean and dirty pool. If your pump is undersized for your filter system it can restrict or slow flow and that will lead to more chemicals and more headaches. Make sure you have the right size pump and filter for your pool and save yourself time and money on extra chemicals. We work on all sizes and models of pumps and can repair most problems or get you the parts you need. For replacement pumps we offer muti-speed pumps and your standard replacement pumps for any pool. We can also service any spa/hottub jet pumps and more.

Heaters are the most complicated piece of equipment for your pool. They have many different parts. Thermostats, pilot lights, heat exchangers, gas regulators, headers, manifolds, exhaust tubes, exhaust fans and other electrical components. Making repairs to pool heaters should be performed by qualified personnel. Gas pool heaters using Natural Gas or Propane gas can be hazardous and combustible. The exhaust from the heaters is hazardous also so proper venting is required. TPS techs are able to troubleshoot and manage any heater problem from repairs to replacements we do it all.
Plumbing and Electrical
Any water features or electronic features for the pool can be serviced or added in some cases. Waterfalls, slides, deck jets, misters, control panels, electronic valves, LED lights, fiber optics, yard lighting, pool showers. We can add or remove any equiptment.


Tile Stone and Pavers
Wether you have tile or stone you know how dirty it can get being outdoors, we can restore tile grout lines and dingy stones to close to its original look. We can also replace any tile stone or pavers in your pool/spa or pool house.

Alternate Systems
We are trying to use new "green" ways to care for your pool. From in-line solar heating that can eliminate gas costs. Too in-line salt generators and UV sanitizing systems which can eliminate almost all of your chemical cost for years to come. Don't let the cost of chemicals and gas bills rule your summers anymore go green and see what we mean. Just ask for more info.


Concrete and Plaster
Is your pool getting old? Is your concrete cracking, flaking, or just looking old? Is the same thing happening to the plaster in your concrete pool? If any of these problems ring a bell, let us help you restore your concrete/plaster. We can fill cracks and dress up most damaged concrete to help prevent further damage and not be such an eye sore. We can resurface concrete decks and walkways with custom colors and with a traditional or exotic stamped look. We can also replace old concrete or add new concrete to your existing pool and home which also offers custom colors and design. Lastly we can patch or replace any damage to your plaster inside your concrete pool.
. Draining and acid washing (for concrete pools)
This is only for concrete pools, plaster and tile. We drain the pool completely, acid wash the tiles, all the walls and floors in sections, cleaning any debris as we go. When finished we neutralize the acid water and drain into a storm drain. Acid washing is good to do in the beginning of the season, and also before any plaster repairs or painting. Muriatic acid is a hazardous material and should be handled by professionals with the proper masks and protective gear.
Powerwashing and Deck Care
Sometimes all you need to do is clean your pool deck thoroughly to make it look new again.  Items left on your deck for a long period of time can stain your concrete or wood decks. Powerwashing can bring your deck back to life and cleans debris out of the smallest pits. Sometimes the use of chemicals is needed to get rid of the nastiest stains. Once powerwashing is complete, your concrete or wood deck can then be stained and/or sealed if needed or wanted. Let us know if your deck is in need of rejuvenation and we will be there to help.
Personal Pool School and Personalized Instruction Videos
We will teach you how to use and maintain your pool properly. Personal pool school is where we walk you through your equiptment pad all the way to the pool and explain how and why your pool works the way it does. We will also teach you how to read and test water for chemical balancing. Every pool is different so every pool school is different too. Don't be afraid to ask us questions and even take notes. If your a new homeowner with a pool or a 25 year pool "expert" I'm sure we can teach you some new ways to be effective and efficient with your pool/spa and even help you save money.

We also offer personalized instruction videos. These are made just for your pool! Let us help you remember exactly what you need to do when its time to change your filter or put together your vacuum head, back washing, chemical balancing, cover maintenance and much more. No more guessing! Just watch your personalized video then proceed to working on your pool. We will focus on the parts of the pool/spa that you need most to help you understand. We can make it as detailed as you would like.

General Questions 
Its easy to forget how to use your pool, especially when its only open for half the year, dont be discouraged. Write notes down take pictures and keep mental notes so you remember for next year. If you have any type of pool questions feel free to call or e-mail us and we will try our best to answer your questions. Thats what we are here for so take advantage!  (630) 276-8869 or E-mail

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